The way to make your startup grow, is to make something users really love.
Paul Graham

The world of sales playbooks and growth hacks is noisy - it’s hard to find the signal. We have curated our favourite resources on the topic from top Founders, VCs and Sales leaders on how to harness growth and sales.

Whether you're a startup founder looking to take your venture to the next level or an established business owner seeking fresh insights, this tool is your companion.


Growth & Sales

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What You Can Expect

  1. Growth Tactics: Explore a treasure trove of growth hacking techniques, content marketing strategies, and customer acquisition tips.
  2. Sales Guides: Master the art of selling with our comprehensive sales guides, from prospecting to closing deals.
  3. Templates and Tools: Access ready-to-use templates, checklists, and tools that will save you time and effort.
  4. Case Studies: Learn from real-world success stories and discover how other entrepreneurs have achieved remarkable growth.
  5. Expert Insights: Benefit from the wisdom of industry experts who share their knowledge and experience.

We will continue to add resources to the Airtable when we find compelling, high-value content we think you should know about on Growth and Sales.

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